911 Physical Training


#1~To  those who train under her, Dawn is well-known as a “game changer.”  Personal training is more than a  business for her; it is a ‘heart to heart’ experience.  Dawn embodies all that is excellent in  personal training; tailoring needs to specific people, validating their  individual efforts, and helping them achieve their personal goals. She is a  walking advertisement of health, fitness, positive attitude and motivation.  As a former law enforcement official and  member of the Secret Service, she brings a special blend to her training  techniques teaching clients not only about fitness but also self-defense and  self-awareness, setting her apart from other personal trainers.  I have trained with Dawn for some time  now and learned that “strong” is more important than “skinny.” If you are  searching for a way to change mind, body and heart, give 911 Physical Training  with Dawn a call!~Helen Brice



#2~I am a 45 year old female who has never worked out for any longer than a few weeks. I have been with Dawn now for 11 months!! I heard of Dawn through a friend and waited a year to contact her. What a waste of a year! Dawn is ALWAYS smiling, optimistic, encouraging, inspiring and pushes her "Angels" (her boot camp ladies nickname) to push themselves. She is the most positive person I know and truly cares about us and others. She has trained people for free that cannot afford it and even offered to train one person for free for the rest of her life. This lady lost her daughter to cancer and Dawn knew that working out would not only help her physically, but also mentally and spiritually! She is the most caring person I know! The other great aspect of our workouts is that they are always different. After 11 months, I am still learning new techniques and our classes are always fun and exciting!~Devan Hildago



#3~I always considered myself someone who exercised enough.  I did just the right amount of walking or occasional running.  I also ate right - at least I thought I did.  Recently I noticed I was spending more time standing in my closet trying ...to find something to wear.  This was discouraging to me because nothing fit.  I immediately blamed it on the foods I was eating and I started eating less.  I did lose some weight, but my body was not changing and my clothes did not fit the way I remembered them fitting.  My friend referred me to 911 Physical Training, Dawn Hendricks, in July of this year (2013).  I promised my friend I would go to boot camp one time just to see if it was right for me.  I started boot camp on July 31, 2013 and I haven't missed a class yet.  Dawn is dedicated to making sure her clients reach their goals.  My goal was to exercise right and change my lifestyle.  I am doing so much more than that.  Dawn's boot camp class has taught me discipline, how to exercise correctly and safely, and has given me the confidence I needed to make me love my body again.  Not only do I feel more confident about myself, but I gained some of the most amazing friends.  If you have a story similar to mine, then I strongly encourage you to consider Dawn's boot camp class. Dawn also offers Self Defense Training.~Donna Longmire


#4~I'm so thankful that I decided to try out Dawn's bootcamp....2 1/2 years ago! And she's trained me ever since. Dawn has such a positive, motivational style of training. She not only give you the tools to be physically strong, she shows you ...how you can be mentally strong as well. Dawn and all the ladies in our bootcamp group are amazing and I'm so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful team! Thank you Dawn for your dedication to us all~Laura Demory
#5~I am one of those girls that is just built “thick”.  I ran and exercised on and off, when I was in my twenties. After I had my son in my thirties I stopped running or working out all together.  I decided I would start trying to do a little ...something in my forties (now I’m forty one).  Well, I would run here and there but nothing serious or consistent. I started noticing a huge difference in one of my good friends.  She had lost a significant amount of weight, stopped smoking, and just seemed so much happier and lighter as a person.  I contacted her to find out all the details.  As soon as I heard it was Dawn, I knew I was in! I have known Dawn for about fifteen years, she has always been a very positive woman and bright spot on a cloudy day.  So I contacted Dawn and asked if a fat girl could handle what she was dishing out.  Her response was “well, I haven’t killed anybody yet”.  So I showed up on a Saturday morning and I’ve been going for six months. I’m still doing it (she hasn’t killed me yet!)  My scales have not shown alot of a difference, but as a “thick” girl I know that the scale doesn’t matter.  I’m an athletic build (think softball girl)  I am down from a size 20 jeans to a size 14-16 jeans.  I don’t jiggle or have hail damage anymore!  I am so much stronger.  My back and hips don’t hurt like they used to.  When my kids tell me I look great and they can tell I’ve lost weight I know it is working. Dawn has a way of pushing each of us “Angels” in her way that is suited for each of us.  She has such a huge and giving heart.  I can’t possibly write enough things about her character, her positive attitude, and her willingness to always give to others.  All the beautiful women I work out with help to encourage me and keep me accountable for showing up and showing out!  I LOVE MY BOOTCAMP GIRLS!  Even when I meet my goal size I will still be showing up and showing out with the “ANGELS~Fleshia Tomasi

#6~I used to hate to workout until I joined this physical training group! I have SOO much fun while I'm getting fit!! I feel constantly motivated and accounted for! It is such a breath of fresh air! Not to mention I have the most thoughtful and motivating trainer I have ever known!!! :)~Christina Musgrove



#7~I started training with Dawn in March, 2013.  Although I was working out 7 days a week on my own, I wasn't making much progress. I ate "right" (I thought) After only seven months under Dawn's tutelage, I have NEVER been more fit, even when I was competing.  It s SO motivating to work out with others-- they encourage and inspire me so much!My husband LOVES my new body!  I am 58 (soon to be 59).  THANKS DAWN